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“Lalakal: a beauty of Sylhet”

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Published : 2016-08-11 05:20:09

Updated : 2016-08-21 05:21:14


MARUF KHAN MUNNA,SYLHET, 11th AUGUST,2016 :: The river ‘Sari’ at Lalakhal is one of the the main tourist attraction of Sylhet division which is is about 45 km away from Sylhet city.It takes about 30-45 minutes from Sylhet town by road towards Jaflong.From "Shari ghat" you can hire an engine boat & start for Lalkhal.

This is a wide canal known as Lala Khal & the point near Tamabil Road is known as Sharee Nodi means Sharee River.

The river is not much deep.It It is the source of Sylhet Sand . The river originates from Meghalaya, India. This river carries huge amount of sediments and stones from the upstream to Bangladesh. 

The attraction of this canal is the water, which differs variety of colors blue, green and clear water at different points. In the same canal, you will find blue, green, clear water. No one will believe this without having watch.Lalakhal is a place to visit for those who love natural views and boat riding. 

You start your journey in clear blue water,gradually turning to green as you approach up stream near Indian boarder.The whole place is surrounded by hills, tea-gardens etc. Home of Khasia tribe is also nearby. The whole journey is really pleasant & will sooth you up. Avoid going close to Indian boarder & try to return back before sunset .

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