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British High Commission office Close in sylhet

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Published : 2016-09-09 18:09:23

Updated : 2016-09-18 03:45:24


SYLHET :: The Consulate office of British High Commission will be closed at Sylhet.

The British Officials has taken the decission  after running the office about one and half decade . Recently they change their address of Kumarpara and close their activities.

British consulate office start in 2001 in kumarpara from their office and give various type of legal help. In the first they take British Visa but later it was handed over two N.G.O. But after that it a place of prestige to people who live in UK.

Recently British foreign ministry take decission to close this office. Concern authority said with in a short period this office will shutdown.

The office will be closed at Sylhet but any British Citizen will meet the office thought previous appointment. It will be conducted by V.S.F. office Nirvana Inn Mirjajangal. Official of High Commission will be present to help people near about 5 Lakh Bangladeshi lives in UK of them 90% are the inhabitant of Sylhet. They are working in various profession. 

One statistics show about 8 thousand British Citizen stay in Sylhet. They went Kumarpara office for any help. If the office shutdown they will face problem.

Before this Visa office of British was shifted from Dhaka to Delhi previously. People of Sylhet are strongly react with that.

The inhabitants of Sylhet want attention of Prime Minister about that matter. 9th September,2016/ mak

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