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Annoying Facebook Posts

By News Desk

Published : 2016-08-11 04:43:18

Updated : 2016-08-21 05:22:47


MARUF KHAN MUNNA,SYLHET, 11th AUGUST,2016 :: Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. are the popular social networking site.Among them facebook is the most famous which is filled with great facebook pages and also dumb ones. Most of the pages is posting spamming news feed, annoying types status  these days.

A lot  of facebook posts which annoying users of facebook who has a normal functioning brain. 3 of those types of  facebook posts which are annoying for us  are mentioning below:-

Type:1:- “Like”

Like if you Muslim , like if you love Allah ,like if you student or  like if u want justice and many more .You can find these types of facebook posts everywhere. These are also known as “beggars". These posts do nothing but spam or news feed.The admins of those pages  who don’t get enough likes on their facebook in their profiles post these kinds of  "great!" just to maintain the balance of the universe. 

Type:2:-“like , comment or vote for meh meh”

Annoying persons posts asking or urging for like ,comment or vote.These post usually include two different celebrities or fictional characters.The people who give their votes in these posts shouldn’t be allowed to vote in real life. For example, “like for a hero, comment for a  leader” . 

Type :3:- "The only for genius ”

To become a genious you close your book and study on facebook! Because most of the facebook pages admins  post a pic of a logical reasoning or aptitude problem and add a text “Only for genius” and you’re good to go.

We all like to complain about annoying people on Facebook -- there are so many of them, after all. Less popular is reflecting on whether you are sometimes that annoying person yourself. But the truth is, even the best people sometimes do some really annoying things on social media.


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